lundi 13 août 2007


Always searching for art 5 found a land called museum MOYA.
5 visited this land a few times. The first time there only was chapel, called “la chapelle”, because the owner of this land is French. He is an artist and he is showing his works in SL. His painting is very robust and colorful, which always has a great effect on the computer screen and in the environments like SL.
(This medium prefers the bold things, and is very rude to thin lines, just because of the resolution of the screen.)
Moya is building, and building and building! Every time you come back all kinds of things are added. He is just starting so the grand architectural design is lacking, the place develops more like a medieval city, adding staircases and new spaces where needed and where possible. And indeed this resembles his style of intuitive spontaneous painting.
Figures all around, sheep, animals! Indeed styles too: mainly figurative, but also abstract.

The chapel (Chapelle moya, clans, alpes maritimes, france, cote d azur, reconstitution de la chapelle peinte par Patrick Moya ) is particularly convincing, because it is a space with murals on the inside. This is very convenient for the SL prims, and has a beautiful effect.
More than just the reproduction of something from RL into Second Life. Landscapes and figures in situations referring too, but also different from Christian themes.
In the museum itself we can see a lot of paintings, which are presented in a traditional way, AS IF, Second Life was a museum.
The paintings are made with visible joy, being colorful, funny and alive. A cartoon like style is used and sometimes his figures are cut out and put in space. Moya’s style is young, vibrant and very much of this time.
The letters of his name are coming back all the time and serve as a layer of inspiration - as if Moya would need this. Maybe sometimes these letters are a bit too much. Indeed looking back, the chapel doesn’t show these letters, which makes it more “universal” less only 'MOYA'...
Moya himself is dressed in his own pictures, of course, and for this imagery he has chosen his masks paintings. He is accompanied by two of his creations following him as a part of his dress, a very funny and creative way of using SL possibilities.
The masks, and paintings around this theme 'MASK' are different from the paintings earlier described. Indeed these paintings, in dark colors are gloomy. This contrast adds to the “thinking space” of the artist. It makes the joy more joy and the black more black.
There is a room for experiments too, and here we see the images of Moya moving too and froo, waving in space, rotating and transforming. This fits the images very well, but on the other hand the special effects of SL can be used much more subtle to achieve a more striking result. Which will be just a matter of time .. with the speed Moya adapts himself to this world!
Very worthwhile place to visit, and if you don’t speak French, the artist has a translator, which (of course) adds a lot to the fun of having a conversation with him, he is nearly always online!

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Florence CANARELLI a dit…

hello Five March,

Thanks for this article, you have understood ALL THE WORKS of MOYA in a very quick time, bravo, you are great ! !

I am just journalist in France, but I know Moya very well, for having writen 2 books about him !

So I can say that you are pertinent, judicious in your analysis

I dont know you, but i have seen you sometimes on SL : it seems to me that you are also very creative - are you artist ? ou art teacher ?

See you soon, maybe, next time on SL

Flo06 Writer

is a dit…

Thx, for the comment, 5 is merely describing interesting places to visit. Understanding art, is this possible? In a book, in 2 books? This is a blog, no explanation of art, no analysis.
And I, 5, am a creation, yes, of an artist. 5 is not "a copy" of an existing, real person.